Learning to Play Poker

Anyone who has turned on the television or looked at the internet in the past few years will be well aware of the massive global popularity of poker. Players can win millions of dollars in casinos across the world, and anyone can play games around the clock at PokerStars.

For all that, the game of poker may seem daunting for beginners who are trying to learn how to play poker. It uses its own language and might appear to have many complicated rules. But poker is actually remarkably easy to play and the way into the game need not be intimidating. Most people play for small amounts amongst friends or even for “play” money as they learn the ropes. At PokerStars School you’ll find all the rules and poker jargon explained for you.

You will find lots of strategy articles and videos, and also be able to attend live training sessions and interact with our live trainers, who have a wealth of experience to share.

You can also visit our Discord channel to ask questions of top pros and your fellow members. You can revisit previous lessons to refresh your knowledge, or press on through numerous courses as your understanding grows. PokerStars School is carefully designed to be fun, informative and interactive and open up the wide world of poker to everyone.

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The Poker Basics Course is the first step for new players and it’s a great way to learn poker. It will guide you through everything you need to know as a beginner, starting with some simple poker definitions and the rules of the game. It takes you through some key concepts of play, and then gradually examines some examples of how to apply the knowledge you’re learning in real poker situations.

It might seem like a lot – at least at the beginning – but there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and give you confidence for when you first take a seat at the table. You will find our unique hand replayer embedded in some articles, which freeze the action at key stages in poker hands and allow you to make a decision, giving guidance towards the correct play.

The course is divided into chapters, comprising of several linked lessons. Although most of the course is designed to be read and understood in chronological order, there are some times you may want to go back to refresh your memory of previous lessons.

All of what you learn in the Poker Basics course is crucial, regardless of what order you read it. If things don’t seem to be going so well, you should go back and review.

The Poker Basics course is the foundation on which your poker game will be built, so make sure those foundations are rock solid.

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PokerStars School on Discord
As the course progresses and your poker education grows, you will most likely find yourself coming up with countless questions about the game. Perhaps you will be wondering whether you played a specific hand correctly, or what someone else would have done in the circumstances you faced. Perhaps you want to show off a huge pot you won, or to vent about some ill fortune that lost you some chips.

The best place to share all this is in the PokerStars Discord Channel where you can join the discussions on all poker matters. You can post the hand history of that tricky pot, or you can see the hands that other players are posting, and decide what you would have done in their situation. Save the details of any noteworthy encounters at the tables and ask for feedback on how you played your poker hand.