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Zoom vs Regular Tables

May 9, 2022
by Raise Your Edge

The strategy for beating 6-max cash games stays consistent across formats, whether you play at the Zoom tables or regular tables.

However, there are differences and reasons for choosing one over the other, depending on your preferences and circumstances.

Here, we’ll break down what advantages and disadvantages these two formats have, so that you can make an informed decision as to which cash game tables are best for you.


The first point to make is that you shouldn’t change your poker strategy when playing Zoom tables. You’re still playing 6-max No Limit Hold’em cash, and nothing has changed about the way that the game is played.

Obviously, there might be population tendencies at Zoom tables that may require different exploits than at regular cash tables, but your default strategy shouldn’t change much from format to format. Stick to what you’re good at and play your default strategy, just like you should when shot-taking at a higher stake.

Game Selection

Game selection is the first big difference between Zoom and regular tables. On regular tables you have the ability to table select and browse lobbies until you find a game with weaker players in that you feel you have an edge on.

With Zoom tables, your opponents change every single hand and it’s impossible to know exactly who you’re up against. Furthermore, you won’t have the option to choose where you sit.

At a regular cash game table, you might be able to seat select so that you have weaker players on your right and the stronger players on your left. Table selecting and seat selecting will naturally result in a slightly higher win rate, so in this aspect regular cash tables have the advantage.


While you might have a slightly lower win rate at Zoom tables as you can’t game select, you’ll also be able to play a ton more hands due to the fast-paced nature of the Zoom format.

Faster action means a higher hourly since you’re able to see more hands per hour. So, while your win rate might be lower at the Zoom tables, your hourly rate may in fact be higher due to the speed at which Zoom tables progress.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to what works best for you.

The Zoom format is great if you only have a half hour or so to play and want to get a little session in. If you’re playing for 6-8 hours, looking for a regular cash game table full of recreationals to exploit might be the better decision. You can also mix and match, playing Zoom tables when you’ve only got a little time and saving the regular tables for longer sessions.

The Zoom format is also a great way to improve faster as a poker player since you’re playing against tougher opponents and you can play far more hands in an hour than you can at a regular table.

Over time, the experience you gain from playing a ton of hands versus stronger competition will hone your skills, especially if you’re breaking down your sessions and putting in the necessary study off the felt.

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